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Lamonts have substantial experience in all aspects of property law and handle a large volume of domestic conveyancing. The firm has over thirteen years experience of acting as Solicitors to Relocation Companies and their clients. With the benefit of that experience, Lamonts is able to offer a service tailored to the particular needs of the relocating client.

Some of the areas in which Lamonts offer expert guidance and advice are:-

  • The main differences between the law relating to property purchase and sale in Scotland compared with the law in other parts of the United Kingdom. The important considerations when purchasing a property in Scotland and selling a property in another part of the United Kingdom.

  • If your relocation entails you purchasing a property in an area with which you are not familiar, we will advise you what price to offer for a property which is advertised on the basis of 'offers over £X'.

  • How Estate Agents fix an asking price in Scotland.

  • Why Closing Dates are sometimes fixed by Estate Agents for submission of an Offer to purchase a property.

  • The procedures which should be followed, and the matters which should be attended to, prior to you instructing the submission of a formal Offer to purchase.

  • Arranging of a valuation or a survey of a property and the arranging for an inspection of a property by a timber or damp Specialist where required.

  • What is a Bridging Loan and what does it cost?

A full estimate of legal costs will be provided upon application.