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Every passing month seems to bring another legal pitfall devised to trap unwary employers. Recently developments in the law regarding compulsory retirement, immigrant workers and equality in the workplace have added to the substantial burdens already placed on employers.

Employment Tribunals deal with an ever increasing number of claims driven by an unending torrent of national and European legislation regulation. Employers now more than ever need experienced guidance to avoid and deal with staff problems that could lead to possibly expensive and time consuming Employment Tribunal claims.

Our Consultant solicitor, Michael Lamont, has over twenty five years experience in dealing with employment related matters. He has appeared for employers in Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunals in Scotland and England. He has been involved in litigating employment related cases in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session. He has acted for a wide range of clients: from small and medium sized enterprises to multi national corporations.

Michael Lamont has a proactive, hands-on and problem-solving attitude to employment problems. He believes it is all too easy to tell employers what they CAN’T do rather than what they can.

Contact us if you need assistance with an employment related problem or to have your contracts, policies and procedures health checked or updated.